Don't Stop Dreamin'
Don't stop dreamin'
Don't let 'em take the steam out of you
Don't stop dreamin'
Just hold on and your dreams'll come true

When I was younger
They tried to take and cast my dreams aside
When I had the hunger
My heart couldn't scorn what my mind didn't try

Don't let 'em stomp you down
Don't let 'em hold you back


I couldn't tell you
Each time somebody put a lid on my schemes
But now I know better
I am the captain on my vessel of dreams

The seas are always rough
Just don't ever give up


Don't let 'em say you're "unrealistic"
Don't let 'em tell you you're "starry-eyed"
Don't bother asking too many questions
Take your imagination and fly


Try to remember
That just because you have a head full of dreams
You can't stop believing
Your future's even better than it actually seems

Keep ahold of yourself
And let your heart see you through


<repeat chorus>

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