I wrote this on September 12th, 2001; the day after the World Trade Center and thousands of lives worldwide were forever shattered.

Hell on Earth

Open shall swing the gates of hell
On a day when giants fell
To wax and to wane thy ploys insane
From East to West as angers swell

Downcast from night a shadow falls
When madness and terror scale the walls
Of heaven besieged and the world to its knees
As chaos awakens its calls

An expression of evil across the face
The world is upturned with little a trace
An outcry for war as pleas are ignored
And mortals shall all find a place

To witness humanity abased
When reason has but gone to waste
It seems a bit odd to kill for your god
To bring misery and worry post haste

In darkness I ponder your mind
So passionate, yet so unkind
You have no remorse, we have no recourse
What greatness did you hope to find?

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