Uncle Sham
Arms for loving, arms to hold
Arms are for hugging, or so I'm told
Whose war is it that you fight
To bring to your brothers eternal night
Whose war is it so you can decide
To send me over there and make homicide
Whose life is it that you control?
Yours? Mine? Us as a whole?
War sucks, war bleeds
War kills for no need
Freedom buried 'neath paper and sh*t
Rights being violated by the government
Issues of race? Problems with cash?
Whole damned place headed for a crash
Tax, death, tax me more!
Workin' for Big Brother; a federal whore
My rights/your rights: everybody's wrong
To see this all happen and meekly play along
Mein heir commandant
Now everyone's oppressed, is that what you want?
A different face and a different name
You tell me all is better, but all's the same

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