Throbbing deep within my being is the pulse that keeps me alive; it is the incessant beating of the toms of my soul. The love for my soulmate eternal keeps me and makes me live. Merely the harmonics that sound "I love you" are enough to fuel me for all of eternity. Her rhythms move me closer and I am entangled in her beauty. This is my love, this is my world, this is my destiny to be. Looking into her eyes brings me nearer to being one with her soul-divine and I see a thousand beautiful tomorrows wafting past a myriad of happy days and soft, sweet nights of togetherness. For my soul's better half, I would move mountains a single grain at a time... she need only ask. She is the perfect love for whom I have long awaited. This love we live is the one sought by all and found by few. My search has ended and my life begun.

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