Turmoil Well
The fire burns deeply within me
I am the thrall of your love
Need I even tell you why?
My soul is yours forever
I can't live without you
And don't even want to try

Baby, can you see me?
Baby, can you feel me?
To live without you hurts like hell
Baby, just to see you
Baby, just to feel you
I've tapped into a turmoil well

To take an angel from heaven
I'd bear the fires of hell
Baby, can't you understand?
How do you do me the way that you do?
Just say the word
Your will is my command


This is the real thing
This is what I'm feeling
Long distance love is hard to bear
When I am here and you are there

How can life be so happy?
How can it be so cruel?
How can I ever tell you good-bye?
Where do I go from here?
I am lost without you
I'm under your spell 'til the day I die


<repeat chorus>

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